Call for Papers is Now Closed

Call for Papers is Now Closed

Technical Track

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Topic Area 1: IoT and AI

Track Chair: Dr. Ismail Arai, Associate Professor at Information Initiative Center, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
  • AI and ML in IoT
  • IoT Architecture with embedded AI
  • On device machine learning algorithms
  • AI for IoT edge computing
  • Low-power AI for IoT
  • Distributed AI for IoT
  • Use of IoT/AL to fight COVID-19
  • IoT with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Smart Cities
  • Context-driven intelligence
  • Edge-based data analytics
  • Big Data and Information Integrity in IoT
  • Communication and networking technologies for IoT/AI
  • Digital Twins in IoT applications
  • Indoor localization

Topic Area 2: Security and Privacy of IoT, and Blockchain

Track Chair: Dr. Ahmad Salman, Assistant Professor, James Madison University, Virginia
  • AI for IoT security and privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence-based security and data protection
  • AI for IoT edge computing
  • Cross-layer Attacks in IoT
  • Communication Security in IoT using ML
  • Information Integrity in IoT
  • IoT security and privacy standardization
  • IoT privacy and security concerns tests, certification, and labeling
  • IoT security of smart sustainable cities
  • Cryptography, key management, authentication and authorization for IoT
  • Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Security
  • Biometric security
  • Access control, Anonymity, and Audit in IoT
  • User-privacy protection in IoT
  • Security, privacy and trust for virtualization and SDN in 5G wireless networks
  • Blockchain-empowered Beyond 5G networks
  • Blockchain-based privacy and security in resilient 5G wireless communications
  • Blockchain-based IoT networks: security approaches
  • Blockchain for 6G-Enabled Network-Based Applications
  • Blockchain for Cognitive Wireless Communication Networks
  • Blockchain and artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain in mobile cellular networks
  • Blockchain in edge and cloud computing
  • Security, privacy and trust of blockchain and distributed ledger technology

Topic Area 3: IoT Electronics and Signal Processing

Track Chair: Dr. Marco Picone, Assistant Professor, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Architectures of IoT services
  • IoT platforms and data management
  • Smart homes, arenas, structures, cities and grids fundamentals and issues
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart supply chain, logistics and farming
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Smart transportation
  • Tools and technologies for IoT services
  • Business models for IoT applications
  • IoT system modeling and analysis—performance
  • Real case deployment scenarios and results
  • IoT deployment on agriculture, retails, smart sustainable cities, etc.
  • IoT and future internet architectures
  • Testbeds and experiments for Internet of Things smart sustainable cities
  • Smart Energy
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Oil & Gas sector
  • IoT Interoperability and Heterogeneity Management
  • Cyber-Physical System Design and Management
  • Edge and Cloud Computing to support distributed application scenarios

Important Dates

  • 16

    Oct, 2022

    Technical Paper/Panel or Tutorial Proposal Submission Due Date
  • 6

    Nov, 2022

    Acceptance Notification
  • 15

    Nov, 2022

    Camera-ready Submission
  • 18-21

    Dec, 2022

    GCAIoT Conference

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