AI and IoT
Excellence Award

NOVEMBER 19, 20, 21, 2024

In today’s digital era, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are holding immense importance and playing a pivotal role in addressing modern world challenges. This role extends across government, industry, and academia, offering a transformative potency in various dimensions. For instance, on the governmental level, IoT and AI technologies are considered essential to support governments in developing smart cities and effective public services. IoT and AI technologies allow governments to enhance public services and improve decision-making through data-driven analytics in various areas such as healthcare, infrastructure, and environmental conservation. Similarly, in the industrial landscape, IoT and AI technologies are considered the forces behind innovation, automation, and efficiency. For example, these technologies allow industries to possess smart manufacturing processes, reign predictive maintenance approaches, perform advanced market research, and optimize their supply chains. This results in improved productivity, cost reduction, process simplification, customised client experiences, and better quality control. AI and IoT technologies’ benefits drive academic institutions to focus their research on deploying and enhancing AIoT applications. Reciprocally, these technologies help academic research across various disciplines through the facilitation of data collection and analysis, and allowing the exploration of complex phenomena. In recognition ofthe promise AI and IoT technologies hold to revolutionize how governments, industries, and academic institutions function and operate, to enhance people’s well-being and modern-day challenges, and to drive economic and knowledge growth for a prosperous future, we propose the creation of AI and IoT Excellence Award. This award celebrates and promotes excellence and best practices in developing and deploying IoT and AI technologies across government, academia, and industry.

Award Statement

This award recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions, for individuals or entities, in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), harnessing the transformative power of AI and IoT for the betterment of the society, under three main tracks: Government track, Industry track, and Academic track.

  • For the Government track, the award seeks best practices deploying AI and IoT technologies to enhance the effectiveness and the delivery of public services and the increase of citizen contentment.
  • For the Industry track, the award targets innovative and successful AIoT solutions, from management and technological aspects. On the technological level, the award targets cutting-edge approaches or advancements leveraging the power of AI and IoT technologies to address industry-specific challenges or enhance relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). On the managerial level, the award acknowledges successful management for the deployment of AIoT solutions, whether effective leadership, strategic planning, and/or operational excellence.
  • For the Academic track, the award targets practical case studies for research centers and institutions at the forefront of AIoT research to tackle modern day societal challenges.


Scoring Criteria

The submissions will be evaluated equally by expert judges based on four criteria:Innovation, Impact, Execution & Scalability, and Outcome.

  • Innovation Is the suggested solution displays an innovative approach in AI and IoT development?
  • Impact Is the suggested AIoT solution demonstrating a strategized long-term positive impact on the chosen field? Is the AIoT solution taking into consideration its ethical and social responsibility of the overall deployed practices?
  • Execution & Scalability Does the AIoT solution present feasibility and practicality in the chosen field? Is the AIoT solution scalable for other entities in the same field?
  • Outcomes Does the suggested AIoT solution allow the collection of tangible and quantifiable results in terms of related metrics?

Each criterion will be evaluated based on a rating scale of 0-10, with 0 being the lowest possible score and 10 being the highest. For example, in the Innovation criterion, a score of 0 means the solution is entirely not innovative and is in use today; while a score of 10 means the solution is entirely innovative and has not been used. The highest scoring solutions will make it to the final round on November 21, 2024, where the participants will have the opportunity to present live in front of the judges for 20 minutes. In addition to the above-mentioned criteria, the finalists will be also judged on Presentation during the live event. The total score will be calculated using the following weighted average formula:

Total_Score = 0.2* Innovation_Score + 0.2* Impact_Score + 0.2* Execution_Scalibility_Score + 0.2* Outcomes_Score + 0.2* Presentation_Score

Submission Procedure

In order to be eligible to participate in the competition, participants should choose a specific award track, and submit a short technical proposal (3-4 pages) describing the proposed AIoT solution/practice/research to the targeted challenges, and submit it to the 2024 IEEE GCAIoT Conference official website through the link here: here

  • The proposal should be submitted in a PDF format.
  • The proposal should describe in detail how the proposed solution/practice/research handles the tackled challenge. The proposal should clearly show how the suggested solution is innovative, and includes clear AIoT practices suitable to the identified challenge.


Award Benefits

Winners of the AI and IoT Excellence Award will benefit from the following:

  • Winning a prestigious trophy and a certificate issued by the IEEE TEMS and the 2024 IEEE GCAIoT
  • Recognition of the entity, the team members, and the solution in the IEEE TEMS and the 2024 IEEE GCAIoT social media platforms
  • Inclusion of the entity’s logo, the team members, and the suggested solution on the 2024 IEEE GCAIoT conference official website

Important Dates

Aug, 2024

Technical Paper/Panel or Tutorial Proposal Submission Due Date

Sep, 2024

Acceptance Notification

Oct, 2024

Camera-ready Submission

19, 20, 21

November, 2024

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