Covid-19 Update

After closely monitoring the development of Covid-19 situation, the conference organizing committee took the decision of making the 2020 IEEE GCAIoT a virtual conference. The conference is taking place from 12 to 16, December 2020. The benefits of physical events, like business and projects exhibition, networking and discussions, will be done virtually with the help of our virtual conference tool.

Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Technical Track

Topic Area 1: IoT and AI

  • IoT Architecture with embedded AI
  • On device machine learning algorithms
  • AI for IoT edge computing
  • AI for IoT security and privacy
  • Low-power AI for IoT
  • Distributed AI for IoT
  • Use of IoT/AL to fight COVID-19
  • Context-driven intelligence
  • Edge-based data analytics

Topic Area 2: Connectivity and Security of IoT with 5G (and beyond)

  • IoT architecture with 5G and beyond networks
  • Multiple access IoT access networks and network backhaul with 5G and beyond
  • Cooperative communication techniques for IoT
  • Software defined networking solutions for IoT
  • Efficient resource allocation schemes, QoS, and QoE in IoT
  • Energy efficiency and wirelessly powered IoT
  • Massive connectivity in IoT
  • Critical and URLLC IoT
  • IoT short range communications
  • Blockchain solutions for IoT
  • Cryptography, key management, authentication and authorization for IoT
  • IoT privacy and security concerns tests, certification, and labelling
  • IoT security of smart sustainable cities
  • 6G-enabled IoT
  • Contact tracing to fight COVID-19

Topic Area 3: IoT Electronics and Signal Processing

  • Low power signal processing for embedded IoT devices
  • IoT sensors, actuators, and edge intelligence
  • Energy optimization in IoT
  • Optimization of data traffic and latencies
  • Signal processing for smart IoT devices and tools
  • Machine-to-machine communications for smart environments
  • Drone-based RFID technologies
  • Intelligent signal processing (ISP) algorithms and autonomous systems
  • Design and implementation of distributed IoT signal and information processing systems
  • Compressed sensing, deep learning, and sparse reconstruction for IoT

Topic Area 4: IoT Applications and Services

  • Architectures of IoT services
  • IoT platforms and data management
  • Smart homes, arenas, structures, cities and grids fundamentals and issues
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart supply chain, logistics and farming
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Smart transportation
  • Tools and technologies for IoT services
  • Business models for IoT applications
  • IoT system modeling and analysis—performance
  • Real case deployment scenarios and results
  • IoT deployment on agriculture, retails, smart sustainable cities, etc.
  • IoT and future internet architectures
  • Testbeds and experiments for Internet of Things smart sustainable cities
  • Use of ML in IoT Applications
  • Smart Energy
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Oil & Gas sector

Important Dates

  • 12

    September, 2020
    Technical Paper/Panel or Tutorial Proposal Submission Due Date
  • 02

    October, 2020
    Acceptance Notification
  • 31

    October 2020
    Camera-ready Submission
  • 12-16

    December 2020
    GCAIoT Conference

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