Covid-19 Update

After closely monitoring the development of Covid-19 situation, the conference organizing committee took the decision of making the 2020 IEEE GCAIoT a virtual conference. The conference is taking place from 12 to 16, December 2020. The benefits of physical events, like business and projects exhibition, networking and discussions, will be done virtually with the help of our virtual conference tool.

Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee Members

  • Dr. Bill Marshall

    Dr. Bill Marshall

    IEEE TEMS Conference Treasurer

  • Dr. Brendan Galbraith

    Dr. Brendan Galbraith

    VP IEEE TEMS, Associate Professor at Zayed University, UAE

  • Dr. Dikaiakos Marios

    Dr. Dikaiakos Marios

    Professor and Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre, Cyprus University, Cyprus

  • Conference Chair
    Dr. Eesa Bastaki

    Dr. Eesa Bastaki

    Dubai University President, Dubai, UAE

  • Dr. Fadel Digham

    Dr. Fadel Digham

    R&D Director at the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Cairo, Egypt

  • Dr. Fatma Taher

    Dr. Fatma Taher

    Assistant Dean for Research and Outreach, Associate Professor - Zayed University, UAE

  • Dr. Habib Kammoun

    Dr. Habib Kammoun

    IEEE Tunisia Section Chair, Assistant Professor at University of Sfax, Tunisia

  • IEEE 5G Summit Chair
    Dr. Latif Ladid

    Dr. Latif Ladid

    Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM- Chair, IEEE ComSoc TC sub Internet of Things

  • Dr. Shiyan Hu

    Dr. Shiyan Hu

    Professor and Chair in Cyber-Physical Systems Security at University of Southampton, UK

  • Dr. Magdy Bayoumi

    Dr. Magdy Bayoumi

    Professor and Department Head, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA

  • Dr. Mohamed Essaaidi

    Dr. Mohamed Essaaidi

    ENSIAS College of Engineering - Dean, Mohamed V University, Morocco

  • Ir. Robert Bierwolf

    Ir. Robert Bierwolf

    VP Conferences IEEE TEMS 2015-2020; IEEE BLX Section Chapter Coordinator

  • Dr. Said El Khamy

    Dr. Said El Khamy

    Life Fellow IEEE, Professor at Alexandria University, Egypt, and Telecommunications Consultant

  • Dr. Said El Khamy

    Dr. Sudeendra Koushik

    VP Conferences at IEEE TEMS, Chair at IEEE TEMS India

  • Andy Chen

    Andy Chen

    President of IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society

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