Women in Tech Summit

Women in Tech Summit

The Women in Tech Summit is organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in collaboration with Women In Engineering (WIE).

Women in Tech summit is a one-day event meant to highlight women's involvement in technology and foster their role and impact. This targets female figures in academia, research, corporates, and government officials. By women in tech we don’t just mean CEOs and the genius leaders out there, but we mean every single woman who works in the tech sector regardless of her position.

The Summit brings together more than 300 STEM leaders from around the world and the MENA region, and focuses on the women's roles and impact on the AI & IoT World.

Under the theme of “Societal Impacts of Digital Disruption”, the summit is the place to connect with a diverse international community of women technologists, scientists and engineers. It is the platform for participants to be inspired, engage with peers, and build networks that will advance their careers.

The Summit facilitates skills development, advancement and engagement of women in technical fields, and provides an opportunity to create communities that fuel innovation and provide support through highly interactive sessions designed to foster discussion and collaboration.

The themes of 2021 summit will focus on:

Building Industries for Human Prosperity Going Beyond SDG and The Sustainability

How important is it to build technologies and industries for good? The technologies and industries discussed will address SDG impacted industries and the need to build new ecosystems to address this on zero hunger, health, inclusivity, innovation for all, etc.

The Power of Community in Times of Disruption

Whether you are trying to find your next career move, launch a startup or navigate a difficult challenge, finding the right support can accelerate your growth, validate your struggles, empower you to negotiate and correct your assumption.

This panel will highlight the power of belonging to communities through our guests' experiences. We will focus on how to leverage social disruption to unlock career opportunities and build meaningful connections.

Women Leadership in Tech

The technology sector has a challenge and an opportunity when it comes to gender diversity. What leadership is propelling women forward in technology, and how can technology companies expand the ranks of female leaders?

Well-being as an Accelerator of Human Impact

The recent uncertainties and worries related to Covid-19 crisis might have disrupted our lifestyles and routines. This panel will remind us the importance of work-life balance in achieving improved performance, the role of mental health in contributing meaningfully in both personal and professional life and the importance of allyship and supporting relationships in gaining success.

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