Women in Tech Summit

Women in Tech Summit

The Women in Tech Summit is organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in collaboration with Women In Engineering (WIE).

Women in Tech summit is a one-day event meant to highlight women's involvement in technology and foster their role and impact. This targets female figures in academia, research, corporates, and government officials. By women in tech we don’t just mean CEOs and the genius leaders out there, but we mean every single woman who works in the tech sector regardless of her position.

Join us for this one-day, in-person conference focused on community, leadership, and career advancement for women in STEM.

IEEE Women in Tech Summit is a great opportunity to nurture talent, create community, and empower women and girls in scientific and technological fields to play an active role and be part of the journey toward immersive technologies and the progress of the metaverse

In this one Full day event, we will have some of the most successful and influential leaders and founders from the industry, academia, nonprofit, and government. These leaders will share their thoughts about the next big wave of digital transformation. The opportunities for women to lead and have the skills needed. We will also discuss ethical challenges, workplace changes, and the impact on collaboration.

The themes of 2022 summit will focus on:

Women in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Research
Women Empowerment in Metaverse
Women in AI
Women Embracing Change

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