Women in Tech Members

Women in Tech

Women in Tech Members

  • Women in Tech Summit Chair
    Dr. Boutheina Tlili

    Dr. Boutheina Tlili

    Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai, UAE

  • Dr. Bushra AlBelooshi

    Dr. Bushra AlBelooshi

    Head of Research & Innovation, Dubai Electronic Security Center, UAE

  • Dr. Fatma Taher

    Dr. Fatma Taher

    Assistant Dean, College of Technoligical Innovation, Zayed University, UAE

  • Dr. Heba Labib

    Dr. Heba Labib

    Director, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Center, Nile University, Egypt

  • Eng. Maryam Althani

    Eng. Maryam Althani

    Senior Specialist Distribution Assets, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, UAE

  • Dr. Nadia Zrelli Ben Hamida

    Dr. Nadia Zrelli Ben Hamida

    Chair of the Tunisia Leadership Council for The Policy Circle, Tunisia

  • Dr. Rahma Beaugrand

    Dr. Rahma Beaugrand

    Head of Customer Advisory & Presales at UAE & Oman, SAP Company

  • Dr. Rouda Alamir

    Dr. Rouda Alamir

    Programme Officer, International Telecommunication Union, Arab Regional Office. Egypt

  • Dr. Zahra Al Rawahi

    Dr. Zahra Al Rawahi

    Director of Innovation Capacity Building, Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation, Oman

  • Dr. Hoda Alkhzaimi

    Dr. Hoda Alkhzaimi

    Director of Center of Cyber Security in New York University AD and a research assistant professor in New York University

  • Dr. Yousra Magouri

    Dr. Yousra Magouri

    an Associate Principal, Technology Architect at Salesforce.

  • Dr. Basma Gaddouna

    Dr. Basma Gaddouna

    Vice President and General Manager at Johnson Controls

  • Dr. Manar Abu Talib

    Dr. Manar Abu Talib

    Chair of Research Outreach Department, Office of Vice Chancellor Office for Research & Graduate Studies at University of Sharjah, UAE

  • Dr. Amira Khattab

    Dr. Amira Khattab

    Partner | Cyber & Strategic Risk

  • Eng. Esraa Ghourab

    Eng. Esraa Ghourab

    Researcher in Cybersecurity IoT at VTmena & Teacher Assistant at Alexandria University, Egypt

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