2022 Theme

2022 Theme
Metaverse Frontiers Beyond
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is unlocking new avenues for innovation across researchers, academics, and industry leaders that are eager to tap into the potential of this burgeoning area. At the IEEE GCAIoT 2022, thought leaders and industry experts from academia, government, and industry are gathering to discuss the future of digitalization from a variety of perspectives. The theme for this year is "Metaverse Frontiers Beyond Digital Transformation", chosen in light of the continuing momentum of digital transformation (DT), which is redesigning and shaping the world of the digital age to meet the demands of the 21st century.

With no precedent for such a dramatic transformation, the acceleration of digital transformation adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic has driven creative thinking across the academic and industrial communities. In this spotlight, we will get an insider look at the future of digital transformation innovation technologies, including B5G\6G, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to name a few. In addition, the conference will address collaboration between industry and academia with the help of the government on the topic of beyond digital transformation.

In this spotlight on IEEE GCAIoT 2022, we present notable highlights and discussions from the conference to answer some important questions, such as how are new technologies like B5G\6G accelerating the process of digital transformation in our modern world? How does the leveraging of BC and AI impact digital transformation..., how can we overcome the limitations of power-constrained devices like the IoT after leveraging power-hungry technologies to do so..., and how does the integration of AI and IoT technologies accelerate the digital transformation of the economies, industries, and businesses perspectives...., and finally, with ample evidence that digital technology can be a valuable tool for academia and pioneers, attention has turned to the challenge of how we can build a sustainable and solid foundation for smart city infrastructure.

So we can say that Metaverse Frontiers Beyond Digital Transformation has not only improved efficiency, but also opened up new channels for communication between industry providers and academia. We look at how pioneer companies are leveraging technologies to cooperate with government and academics at every stage of development. As the industry works to find a balance between traditional face-to-face interactions and the adoption of digital tools, we explore how organizations can make the most of this new multi-channel engagement model.
All the projects, papers, posters, presentations, and events at the conference will focus on cultivating, and accelerating the adoption toward the integration of IoT, Blockchain, and AI technologies to accelerate the digital transformation to benefit society.

Join us for a distinguished experience of IEEE GCAIoT 2022, for four full days of technical paper presentations, keynote speeches, panel discussions, demonstrations, industry sessions, and social events. This is all designed to further career opportunities, and give an in-depth understanding of the latest technology advancements worldwide. IEEE GCAIoT paves and implements a perfect environment to merge between the power of technology and its correct application to help build an intelligent, resilient, sustainable, and united global network among businesses, academia, and industry.

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