Technical papers

For the technical track, the topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

Topic area1: IoT Applications and Services

Submission link: EDAS

  • Architectures of IoT services 
  • IoT platforms and data management 
  • Smart homes, cities and grids fundamentals and issues
  • Smart Health
  • Smart supply chain and framing  
  • Smart Manufacturing 
  • Smart Transportation 
  • Tools and technologies for IoT services 
  • Business models for IoT applications 

Topic area 2: Connectivity and Networking 

Submission link: EDAS

  • 5G Networks and IoT  
  • IoT short range communications 
  • Network planning 
  • IPv6 for IoT 
  • IoT Standards 
  • Routing and Transport Protocols for IoT 

Topic area 3: Security and Privacy for IoT 

Submission link: EDAS

  • Cryptography, Key Management, Authentication and Authorization for IoT 
  • IoT Privacy and Security Concerns Tests, Certification, and Labelling 
  • IoT Security of Smart Sustainable cities  
  • Physical/MAC/Network Attacks in Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Security with QoS Optimization in IoT 

Topic area 4: Electronics and Signal processing for IoT   

Submission link: EDAS

  • IoT low power devices 
  • IoT sensors and actuators 
  • Energy optimization in IoT 
  • Optimization of data traffic and latencies 
  • Smart devices and tools signal processing  
  • Machine-to-Machine Communications for Smart Environments 

Topic area 5:  IoT Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios 

Submission link: EDAS

  • IoT System Modeling and Analysis—Performance 
  • Real case deployment scenarios and results 
  • IoT Deployment on Agriculture, Retails, Smart Sustainable Cities, etc. 
  • IoT and Future Internet Architectures 
  • Testbeds and experiments for Internet of Things smart sustainable cities

Topic area 6: IoT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Submission link: EDAS

  • IoT start-ups and innovation processes 
  • Role of accelerators and incubators and IoT start-ups 
  • IoT for social and environmentally-orientated innovations 
  • IoT for government innovation 
  • IoT and Big Data for business model innovation