Covid-19 Update

After closely monitoring the development of Covid-19 situation, the conference organizing committee took the decision of making the 2020 IEEE GCAIoT a virtual conference. The conference is taking place from 12 to 16, December 2020. The benefits of physical events, like business and projects exhibition, networking and discussions, will be done virtually with the help of our virtual conference tool.


Why be a part of it?

1-MENA Technology Ecosystem

Sponsoring our 2019 IEEE GCIoT will give you the opportunity to help and support MENA technology e cosystem growth and development, facilitate and promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and build local awareness of IoT – the wo rld’s recent technology trend. You will also get a wide exposure to both electronic and printed media; positive publicity that will creat e heightened visibility of your products and services.

2- Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is becoming a more important component of any firm's integrated marketing communicat ion strategy. Moreover, it is now changing from passive acts like issuing press releases and responding to press inquiries, to a more active role. Event sponsorship is one of the ways in which you take the lead, and build targeted awareness about your compan y/organization and its brand.

3- Media Coverage

In many cases, such sponsorship can generate media coverage that might not be available otherwise. Your sp onsorship will help you communicate your key corporate messages and values, and associate your brand with business and technolo gy leadership, sending a strong and inspiring message to the regional business community.

4- Being a part of the Community

Moreover, being a part of the elite community of high-level parties that have the greatest impact on the ICT ind ustry and ecosystem in the MENA region will give you the opportunity to initiate and establish different forms of possible collaboration with key partners from business, academic, and government domains.

5- Entering New Market

If you are planning to enter new markets in different Arab countries, or to launch a new product or service relate d to IoT, this will be an excellent opportunity for you to achieve that, through this high profile local and regional initiative.

6- Marketing Channels Exposure

As the 2020 IEEE GCAIoT organizers, we are happy to work with you on ideas to ensure your needs and expect ations are met. This will all be achieved through our extensive marketing campaign that will include the following channels:

  • Printed Material

    2020 IEEE GCAIoT will print and distribute event marketing materials to thousands of individuals and hundr eds of organizations related to and interested in IoT business and technologies in UAE and the MENA region.

  • Advertising and PR

    Advertisements, press releases and editorial coverage in key publications to promote this regional initiative.

  • E-marketing

    The event will be promoted through the website, social media and email campaigns to our extensive regional da tabase.

  • Telemarketing

    Telemarketing will be used to support all previous campaigns to target business and technology leaders in the region.

Sponsorship Opportunities

By sponsoring a particular aspect of GCAIoT 2020, you will become an integral part of the event planning. Maxim um exposure is offered to a sponsor through brochures, announcements and press releases, venue signage, MENA-wide activities, web page, social media and documentation.

A range of sponsorship opportunities are available to suit all levels of budget and marketing aspirations.

Main Sponsorship Opportunities:
  • Official Sponsor

    1 Opportunity
  • Main Sponsor

    2 Opportunities
  • Platinum Sponsor

    3 Opportunities
  • Gold Sponsor

    4 Opportunities
  • Silver Sponsor

    5 Opportunities

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