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About IEEE GCIoT 2019 - Industry Summit:

Explore the IoT technology, insights and trends shaping the future of business and industry. IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and a host of other technologies in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are impacting the way businesses derive value from technology. Join this conversation and take best-in-class learnings to optimize your business processes.

IoT experts from all over the world will discuss key topics including future trends, architectures, cybersecurity, data-based governance, agile ways of working, operational considerations and much more.
All participants will receive a certificate of participation with “Professional Development Hours (PDH)” from IEEE USA* included.


  • Osama Al-Zoubi

    CTO of Cisco Middle East and Africa

  • Dejan Milojicic

    Hewlett Packard Labs, Distinguished Technologist, FIEEE Palo Alto, California

Introducing our keynote speakers for industry summit 2019.
Amazing keynote speakers will be waiting for you. They are a number of great storytellers who are going to give you bright ideas about IoT applications, Technology Predictions Art, Science, and more.


One of the key parts of IEEE global conference on the IoT 2019 is the panel discussion.

Our panel discussion will focus on the following topics:

  • IoT Landscape in the MENA Region – Policy prospective.
  • Smart Sustainable Cities – Opportunities and Challenges.
  • Industry & Governments Regional IoT Use Cases.
  • IoT Landscape in the MENA Region – Technology Prospective.
  • IoT & AI applications for Utilities in the Region.
  • Universities’ role in Developing IoT Industry in the MENA Region.
  • Industry & Government Panel, IoT & AI applications in Security and Safety.

Our attendees will get the most out of the panel session by focusing on these essential elements and following these tips.


Our workshops provides a unique opportunity to learn and apply learnings at the same time. You will also get an opportunity to interact with business leaders and peers from all across the industry.

The workshops will cover:

  • The future of Enterprise IoT.
  • Digital Value Chains - from atoms to bits.
  • The Art of data-based Governance.
  • IoT Architectures, Security and Deployment.
  • Optimizing 'Ways of Working' to enable seamless IoT integration.

If you are a CTO or a technical manager who wants to implement new projects and build up an innovative team, Join us now!


Upon attending this event, all participants will receive a training certificate from IEEE USA (delivered directly to their inboxes after the event) with “Professional Development Hours (PDH)” included.

Why You Should Attend

The role of technology within business is changing. CIOs, technical managers and engineers are expected to develop and deploy strategies which harness the power of new suites of technologies, especially in the area of IoT, to optimize business operations. By joining this summit, you’ll explore how to:

  • Leverage, design, deploy, operate and scale IoT technologies within your organization.
  • Drive cost, process, people and system optimization.
  • Secure your IoT systems from external and internal threats.
  • Incorporate agile ways of working to complement the experimentation and deployment of emerging technologies.
  • Utilize data to take effective governance decisions.
  • Quantify the value of technology incorporation for executives.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend an optional hands-on training workshop on the 6th of December 2019.
Upon attending this event, all participants will receive a training certificate from IEEE USA (delivered directly to their inboxes after the event) with “Professional Development Hours (PDH)” included.

Note: Only participants who attend the event will receive the certificate.

Co-located events:

  • Business Development and Networking Forum – An informal evening event to network with peers, participants and business development experts from across the MENA region.
  • Triple Helix Exhibition – An exhibition with booths from start-ups, businesses and universities.
  • Global Conference on IoT – An academic conference focusing on future research trends in IoT, government (MENA region) regulatory frameworks for emerging technologies and bridging the gap between industry and academia.

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