Covid-19 Update

After closely monitoring the development of Covid-19 situation, the conference organizing committee took the decision of making the 2020 IEEE GCAIoT a virtual conference. The conference is taking place from 12 to 15, December 2020. The benefits of physical events, like business and projects exhibition, networking and discussions, will be done virtually with the help of our virtual conference tool.

What’s new in IEEE GCAIoT 2020?


IEEE 5G Summit

IEEE 5G Summit is a one-day event that focuses on exploring the future of 5G, discussing the gaps and challenges between 3G, 4G, LTE and the proper vision of 5G, and the role of 5G in enabling Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

Women in Tech

Women in Tech is a whole day event meant to highlight women involvement in technology and foster their role and impact. This targets female figures in academia, research, corporates, and government officials. By women in tech we don’t just mean CEOs and the genius leaders out there, but we mean every single woman who works in the tech sector regardless of her position.

Digital Transformation & Beyond

The theme for this year's IEEE GCAIoT 2020 conference is “Digital Transformation and Beyond”; it was chosen in recognition of the ongoing developments in the MENA region regarding the focus on the deployment of “Digitalization” to facilitate and operate the principles and policies remotely. This enables us to sustain the improvement in drastic situations such as the current pandemic. So whenever and wherever you are, AI will keep you connected with the rest of your community, and spreads ideas even when you are apart!

The Global Conference
on AI & IoT


Triple Helix

Arab IoT
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Why should you attend?

Bridging the Gap between Research and Implementation

In the 2020 IEEE GCAIoT, you will be able to meet with people from a wide range of backgrounds, who you may not encounter at your workplace or institution. This is a perfect place for meeting with people in your field with whom you haven’t made contact in a while.

Expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems

You will have the opportunity to talk to individuals such as technical managers and researchers, or entities like startups and universities. They may even give you advice on how to enhance your own work.

Present your ideas

One more compelling reason to attend IEEE GCAIoT 2020 is for you to present your work. It’s a good chance to practice presenting what you do before diverse people from similar, related, and/or completely different areas of study.
Presenting will increase your confidence in the work you do, and will give you a new perspective on your work. People may ask questions that will allow you to see your project from a different angle. You will also get the opportunity to receive feedback on your work from people who are seeing it for the first time, which can be quite insightful.

IEEE GCAIoT 2019 at a Glance

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